Digital Photography - Assignments

Information about the scoring of Photo Projects

Day 1 Slideshow

Make Bighouse Default Homepage Renaming Files

1 photo taken with Photobooth and moved to the Server "photo" volume.
2 web photos - Examples of - Symmetry, Radial Symmetry.
5 pts each 10 pts total
2 Phlip Yer Phace 1 photo - Use photoshop to create a perfectly symmetrical version of your face.
10 points possible
3 Rule of thirds 2 web photos - Locate and turn in two examples of the rule of thirds. 1 vertical, 1 horizontal 5 pts each 10 pts total
4 Phreaky Hand Use photobooth pictures and layer masking to create an illusion. 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
5 Your Symmetry Shoot download and upload pictures of Symmetry and Radial Symmetry ( 1 of each ) 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
6 Selective Color Selectively "color" two photos. One from the web one of your own. 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
7 Your Rule of Thirds Shoot download and upload pictures of the Rule of thirds (Horizontal and Vertical)( 1 of each ) 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
8 Fire Prevention Week A masking exercise that will create awareness about National Fire Prevention Week eXtra Credit
  Raindrops & Reflections Shoot many pictures of Rain and Reflections and store in your iPhoto Library Shoot For Later
9 Macro Focus This year's Themes "Spooky, Creepy, Yucky" and "Signs of Fall" 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
10 Adjustments 2 photos, 1 of your Macro Photos 1 from your iPhoto Library - turn in the .psd files for both. 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
11 Inset Images 2 photos - each a combination of two images either "Raindrops, Reflections" or "Signs of Fall". 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
12 Found Letters 1 assembled word - Your name, a word or short phrase. 10 points possible
13 Cropping 2 Cropped photos - Show before and after (4 images total) - choose from your library 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
14 Best Bubble w/curves Your best Bubble picture adjusted - submit as jpeg eXtra Credit
15 Sketch Effect 1 photo - Apply effect and color by hand. 10 points possible
16 Shutter Speed Turn in 4 photos that illustrate differences in shutter speed. Submit as instructed. 20 points possible
17 Levitation Create the illusion of an object or person floating in mid-air. 10 points possible
18 Faces that are not Find a shape that implies a face, or make an "Eye bomb"! 10 points possible
19 Panorama 2 photos - Panorama with at least three images combined, and a Vertorama or Layer Auto-Align 10 points each (20 pt)
  Green Screen Shoot Green screen shoot with selection to move figure to it's own layer  
20 Green Screen Photoshop Use your green screen shot to place yourself in an unlikely setting. 10 points possible
21 Remove / Retouch 2 photos - (Before and after for ea.) - Second photo can be a complexion picture on the web page 5 pts each 10 pts total poss.
22 Creative "Selfie" 1 photo - Use one of the techniques we explored above to make a creative "Selfie" TBA

Quarter 1

# Link Project/Activity Description # photos Worksheet pts. Photo Points Possible
0 Photobooth Selfie 1 photo taken with Photobooth and moved to the Server "photo" volume. 1   5 points
1 Shutter Speed Use the metadata to determine shutter speed and rename files. 3 - Name each for speed   5 points
2 Motion Shoot Outdoor Motion (tv )shoot - result in 2 pix one with frozen motion 1 with motion blur 2 - Blur/NoBlur 5 10 points possible
3 Aperture shoot Outdoor Aperture (Av) shooting 2 - Deep/Shallow 5 10 points possible
  Quiz Exposure Quiz 5pts     10 points possible
4 Soft Background Portrait Manual Mode (M) Manipulation of DOF through Aperture setting 1 5 10 points possible
5 Follow Pan Use Tv or M mode to create a visual sense of motion using background blur 1   10 points possible
6 Bokeh Create a "Bokeh" Background effect with a subject of your choice 1 5 10 points possible
7 Fountain Shoot 2 shots from your fountain pix "Motion Blur" and "Frozen" (or minimal Blur) 2 5 10 points possible
8 Composition Create a powerpoint per the instuctions on Web page several   50 points possible
9 Cropping Choose a photo to crop and find two different ways to crop the image 3 (include original)   10 points possible
10 Selective Color Use a Black and White adjust Layer and it's mask to reveal color 1   10 points possible
11 Photo Initials Photograph letter shapes that form your initials 1 - (2-3 letters)   20 points possible
12 Photo Alphabet Form an alphabet with your shoot team Rubric for grading 26   50 pts. possible
13 Alphabet self-assessment Form available by the "phone safe". 0   5 points
14 Hand Colored Photo Create a "color pencil" style graphic from a photograph 1   10
15 Greeting Card 5 x 7 greeting card - try 2 images with special FX 1   10
16 Green Screen Have yourself photographed over a green screen replace background 1   10
17 Mini Me Create a miniature "you" place in a photograph that you take 1   10
18 Photo Essay Create a photo essay meeting the requirements as specified 6 (or more) 10 50

  Green is for graded projects   Blue is for shooting assignments   Red is for possible extra credit

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